Review: My Aunt is an Alien by Kate Clary


As a writer myself, I’m always interested in what my own children are reading.  This week, my eldest (only just 7 years) is tackling Kindle bestseller, “My Aunt is an alien” by Kate Clary.

This book is currently at number 1 in the Kindle chapter books eBook chart and it’s a good read for children who are just learning to read alone.  It’s the kind of book to tackle after you’ve exhausted your interest in Biff and Chip’s antics in  the Oxford Learning Tree and before you feel ready to launch into “Charley and the Chocolate Factory” on your own.

The book is a pretty easy read, and it’s the sort of thing most children will be able to work through in a week or so.  It’s fun and fast moving, and avoids anything dramatic or frightening, so it’d be ideal for children who get a little nervous reading more action-packed stories.  Instead, “My Aunt is an alien” is pure wish fulfillment for 5-8 year-olds.  An alien aunt turns up and babysits for our heroes, allowing them to do all the things their mother won’t.  It’s a week of parties, ice cream, pizzas for breakfast and playing.

The book has a few pictures (which are a little basic) but my son had fun with it, and enjoyed its simple storyline.

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