Review: The Dragonsitter, by-josh-lacey-illustrated-by-garry-parsons


Everybody wants a pet dragon.  At least I assume they do.  Maybe it’s just me.

The Dragonsitter series (by Josh Lacey) is aimed at children in the 5-8 range and focusses on the more awkward practicalities of having a dragon in your house.

The first book, “The Dragonsitter” was shortlisted for the Roald Dahl funny prize and went down very well in my household (in fact I’ve had numerous requests for the other books in the series – The Dragonsitter Takes Off, The Dragonsitter’s Island and The Dragonsitter’s Castle).

Some people are born to having pet dragons, some aspire to having pet dragons, and some have pet dragons thrust upon them.  Edward Pickle, the hero of The Dragonsitter is certainly in the third camp.  His adventurous and slightly flaky uncle Morton has dumped his pet dragon on Edward and his family and disappeared off on holiday.

Edward is left trying to care for the rabbit-eating, neighbour-scaring pet and its insatiable appetite without even the most basic set of instructions on dragon care and to make matters worse, Uncle Morton is not answering Edward’s stream of increasingly desperate emails.

The story is told as a series of emails between Edward and his uncle, punctuated by fun illustrations by Garry Parsons (photos which Edward sends as attachments to his emails).

The book is fast moving and funny, with plenty going on, and the email structure divides it nicely into readable chunks for the young reader.  I alternated with my 7 year old – with me reading one email, then him reading the next.

All in all, this book is a salutary lesson to anyone thinking of getting a dragon as a pet, although it hasn’t persuaded my children that they don’t want one.

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