Act Normal And Don’t Tell Anyone About The Rhinoceros Magnet


Published last week, the second book in the Act Normal series has Adam accidentally building a magnet which attracts rhinos.

cover rhino

Why write it?

On a recent visit to a safari park in Port Lymphe we were told by one of the keepers that the number of rhinos in the wild is now dropping so fast due to poaching that, if things don’t change, they will be extinct by the time my 7 year old leaves school.

That’s pretty shocking, so The Rinoceros magnet gives readers some of that information, but also has our heroes combatting the problem in a surreal and funny way.

I hope it works, and I’d be really good to hear (on here, or on Amazon comments) what people think.

While writing, there was one line I was particularly proud of (which has nothing to do with rhino conservation).  The dad in the story is told nothing by his children about the fact that there are 6 rhinos in his garden until suddenly Jenny says;

“we have to get all  the rhinos into the house”

As a parent you’re constantly confronted with sudden comments from or about your kids which make you change the direction of your day, or even your life.  Sometimes you have to learn to simply accept the things you can’t change and go with them.

The dad’s response is that he doesn’t ask why or what’s going on, he just responds with pragmatism and practicality.  He says:

“Ok, how many rhinos are there?”

I hope to do the same when it happens to me…

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