Act Normal And Don’t Tell Anyone About The Castle Made Of Sweets


Act Normal And Don’t Tell Anyone About The Castle Made Of Sweets

My third book in the “Act Normal” series is out today in the Kindle bookstore:

cover castle

Writing this actually made me cry – which is probably not the best advert for a children’s comedy, but still…

This one is a tale about community protest, urban redevelopment and rediscovering the child in all of us… and it also tackles the question of why there’s always one sweet nobody wants in any given pack.

Maybe that’s a bit ambitious for a book aimed at 4-8 year olds, but the last book was about big game poaching, and the one before that was about redundant DNA fragments, so I’m not going to duck the big complicated issues just because I’m writing for a young audience!

Here’s the intro – which should give you a flavor of the book:

“You may have already heard a story about a house made of sweets before.  That is a fairy story and it has a witch and some children who get lost in a wood.

This is not that story.  I don’t like fairy stories.  Fairy stories have castles and dragons in them, and they have damsels in distress.

A damsel is a girl, and distress is a special kind of trouble where you don’t do anything to help yourself, you just sit and wait for somebody else to come and rescue you.

This story has a sort of castle in it, and a sort of dragon, and I am a girl, so I suppose I am a sort of damsel.  I am also in trouble a lot, but I am NEVER in distress…

Click here to read on…

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