What I’m feeding them: Ostrich in plum sauce



Another unusual meat for the kids – this time, Ostrich.  Looks like, at the kid’s request we’re working our way through Iceland’s specialty range.

Ostrich is low fat and environmentally good.  It’s also not, as far as I know, intensively farmed, so we might well see more soon.

The steaks Iceland sell are £1.30 for enough for one person (or two kids).  They’re sold ready cooked, but I went for a vaguely Chinese style recipe which comes in at about £1.10 per portion:

Ostrich with peppers in plum sauce with egg fried rice

For the rice:

Cook the rice, and for the last couple of minutes, throw in a handful of frozen peas.  Drain the rice, and rinse with cold water (it’s important to wash the rice in cold water before frying or it’ll go all sticky.

Heat some oil in a wok. drop in a whisked egg, and quickly scrape the bottom as it cooks until there are shreds of cooked egg in the pan.  pour the cooked rice in and mix until warmed.

For the sauce:

Cook down about 4 plums and half an onion with dark sugar, a little vinegar and some soy sauce.  I won’t give quantities as it all depends on how sharp, sweet or salty your kids like their food.

Keep cooking, and adding water until everything is soft, then add a spoon of cornflour to thicken until you get a sticky, syrupy mix, then strain in a sieve to get rid of the lumpy bits.  Set the sauce aside.

Now cut up a large red pepper, and fry until it starts to soften.  Now add the sauce and boil gently until the peppers are as soft or crunchy as you like them.

Finally, cut up the steak (I seared mine in the wok for a minute or so to give it a bit of colour, but they are already cooked) and pour the mixture over it.

The kids both loved the ostrich steak with plum sauce, so we will be doing this again….  but it might have to wait until we’ve tried the crocodile burgers.

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