Kids love politics! Election Satire for children (age 5+) becomes top 5 bestseller!

Adults may be turning off politics, but a political satire about the general election has become the 4th bestselling children’s chapter book on the kindle on the day of its release.

The book, entitled “Act Normal And Make Everything Fair” is the 6th title in the “Act Normal” series, and all 5 previous stories have hit Amazon Kindle’s chapter book charts.

In the book, feisty lead character, Jenny and her brother turn their entire town into a giant fair on the eve of the general election.  They then go on the run from the press with the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition in a runaway dodgem, and finally end up trapping them both in a big wheel together to “sort it all out”.

It’s literally a roller-coaster ride through democracy and election campaigning.

This placing, in a chart usually dominated by internationally publicised brands like “Minecraft”, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, and “Horrid Henry” is proof that even at a time when adults are disillusioned with politics, young children are fascinated by the big issues in the world.

“Children ask a lot of questions” says author, Christian Darkin “If anything, they think about the big issues more than grownups do.  Children want their fiction to be funny, action-packed and imaginative, but they also want to be challenged with big ideas and important themes”.

In previous titles, Jenny has tackled global warming, rhino poachers, and town planning officials.  She’s also dabbled in genetics and challenged the fact that adults spend far too much time playing on their mobile phones…

“I’m delighted that children are engaging with the world around them.” Says Christian Darkin, “only 44% of 18-24 year olds voted in the last election.  The success of this book shows that younger children want to know about politics.  The challenge is to encourage and nurture that interest”

 “Act Normal And Make Everything Fair” is available from Amazon as a paperback or an e-book.  Just type Act Normal into Amazon, or use this link:
Christian Darkin is the author of bestselling “Act Normal” chapter books for children.  For older readers, his credits include two young adult novels, “The Skull” (published by Bloomsbury) and a detective technothriller, “@thelogician”.
He has also written six non-fiction books, two science documentaries, a Doctor Who spinoff film starring the sixth Doctor, and articles for dozens of magazines and most of the national newspapers.

His illustration work can be found in hundreds of children’s books but also in grown-up titles such as The scientific journal, Nature. He also works as an animator, creating graphics for an entire series for BBC Cbeebies (“Magic Hands”) as well as special effects for film and TV.


Tel: 0203 256 2043
Mob: 07947 64 88 22
Twitter: @animateddad
81 Auckland Rise
Crystal Palace
London SE19 2DY


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