School Libraries Group AGM



It was a great honor to be invited to give a workshop at this year’s CILIP School Libraries Group AGM over half term.

In case you’re not familiar with the organisation, CILIP – the Chartered Institute for Library and Information Professionals is a major hub for librarians working in all areas and the SLG (School Libraries Group) represents those working in, well, school libraries.

It’s constantly amazing to me the level at which school librarians are working and the creativity they bring to schools.

It was a great day, bursting with initiatives and ideas from the members – and I found the five-minute “best practice” sessions particularly interesting.  Librarians shared ideas ranging from how to organise a Harry Potter day to the advantages of treating the recruitment of library volunteers as though pupils were applying for and doing a real-world job.

My part of the day was a workshop on the changes in publishing – using my experience with traditional publishers, ebook publishing, and on-demand printing to explore the way librarians can connect with authors who are introducing exciting and innovative work outside of traditional publishing.

Lots of the delegates also seemed interesting in using the same tools to produce books featuring their pupils’ work, so I’m looking forward to visiting some of their schools to help out with those plans.


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