My CV? What’s one of those, then?

Has anyone ever asked you to do something that was so far outside your frame of reference, you had no idea where to even start?
Somebody asked me for my CV today. “What on Earth is that?”, was my first thought. I haven’t needed a CV for the last 30 years.
In the creative industries, people don’t ask for CVs – because, frankly, nobody cares where you went to school, or what you studied.
They don’t even care how many years you worked where.
The way i get jobs, usually, works like this:
I come up with an idea. If people like the idea, they check out my showreel (if it’s a visual idea) or, if it’s a story idea, they might glance at my list of previously published books (though, to be honest, they don’t even care about that until they come to do their publicity blurb).
…And that’s it, pretty much.
But now I’m starting to do more school visits, and longer projects for kids, and I’m starting to need to talk about my reputation – and so a CV is starting to make sense. Not having had one for so long, it’s a pretty daunting question.
so far, i’ve narrowed it down to a list of “stuff wot i have done”. Here it is. I may have missed things out, or put them in the wrong decade – and I think I’ve got a way to go before this becomes a coherent CV – but it’s a start):
Projects finished and under submission
Open Source Hero – children’s book – currently being considered – 2016
The Several Titles of Christof Tourenski – young adult novel – currently being considered -2016
Big school – Theatre play – currently being considered – 2016
The Elf Who Saved Christmas – 30 minute Christmas animation, writer/director – 2015-16
2010 onwards
Dulwich Prep London writing class – writing class at one of the country’s top independent schools 2016-
Talk to CILIP 2016
School visits – workshops and talks to primary and senior schools – 2015 –
Act Normal books – children’s chapter books – 7 titles in series 2014-2015
@thelogician – young adult novel – 2014
The Quiet hour -in charge of visual effects for a feature film, nominated at Raindance festival 2013
Magic Hands – Animation for 30 episode series on Cbeebies – 2012
Morcambe and Wise – Animation for BBC Children in Need 2012
The skull – Novel – 2013
Nursery rhymes Animation for youtube – 12million views 2013
That’s English – Visual effects for a 60 episode TV series 2012
Really really easy guide to newsletter writing – Book Author 2011
Worm that turned – Picture book, Illustrator 2010
Illustrations for various clients
Really Really easy guide to digital videos Book Author2009
Documentary How to Colonise the Stars Documentary, Writer, Producer 2008
Documentary: Shark Story Documentary, Writer, Producer 2007
The complete digital video manual Book Author 2008
Revolutionar Premiere guide – Book Author2002
Revolutionary After Effects Book Author 2002
After Effects most wanted – Book Author 2001
Writing for the times, the guardian, the FT and other titles on science and technology
Masks – short film 2001
Moving – short film
Tonygotchi – Wrote a desktop pet version of Tony Blair – featured in newspapers from the Guardian to The Sun 1999
SPAM – full length film
Filmmaking: Offline – the first movie to be made using a computer for editing, FX 1997
Articles on science, technology and computing for dozens of newstand computing titles. Hundreds of articles and tutorials written
Smothered in chocolate – play performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 1996
Comedy writing – commissioned writer on News Huddlines, regular contributor to Week ending satirical radio 4 sketch show
Summoned by shadows – Doctor Who spinoff film starring the 6th doctor, 1991
Living legends – Play performed by the BBC theatre company at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 1991

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