Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s other great heroic character



It’s at a very early stage right now, but I’m developing an idea for a series of books based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s other great heroic character….

If you’ve read the classic, The Lost World or any of Conan Doyle’s other mad, epic journeys into sci-fi and adventure, then you’ll be familiar with the great Professor Challenger.

I want to bring back this abrasive, genius-adventurer-showman.  I’ve approached the estate of Conan Doyle already, and they’re interested.  I’m now talking to some publishers about a series of young adult novels, featuring woolly mammoths, giant scorpions, time travel, and steam-powered spaceships.

I think the professor is well and truly overdue, in this post-truth world of pseudoscience and fakery, for a return to the stage of popular young adult fiction.

Stay tuned for more info, and please, tell me what you think!

Meanwhile, back to writing the latest Act Normal book!


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