Alien Life And Where To Find It



Gearing up for the first interview in a documentary i’m making about the search for life on other planets….
I just wrote my list of questions, and it’s huge. how I’m going to narrow this down for my interviewees, I’m not entirely sure, but I’ll have to do it by tomorrow, when i go to see the first of them.
That’s one of the problems with documentaries – just as in writing fiction, your job is to tell a story – and you need to know enough of the story before you start to be able to ask the right questions, and pick the right people to talk to.
The problem is, that can easily lead to telling “your” story, and trying to crowbar people into trying to say what you need them to say to get your structure right.
And that’s bad, because the best bits of any documentary are where the interviewee comes out with something original and compelling, which takes you beyond the story you’d envisaged and into an interesting new perspective.
Tomorrow I’m doing the first interview, so let’s hope I’ve sorted it by then!
In the meantime, here’s one of my previous documentaries – dubbed, into Thai:

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