Non-stop travelling


Finally back at my desk after a hectic couple of weeks around World Book Day.

I’ve been to Ling Moor school in Lincoln (got stuck there during the storm). I’ve been to Aldro school in Godalming.  I’ve Been to Prince’s Mead school near Southampton, Eton End in Datchet, and St Mary’s in Swinton, Manchester.

Quite a couple of weeks, and I’ve still got two more visits this week.  I’m feeling a little shell shocked, but it was amazing to meet lots of children and teachers with real excitement about reading and writing, and masses of creativity.

Every school has its own atmosphere and character, and it was especially great to end last week with a visit, on Friday at Market Field – a school for children with learning difficulties near Colchester.

The children there are so lovely, and one particular class had so many great questions for me, it was difficult to leave them at the end.  The focus of some of the children on the autistic spectrum really makes you understand how although they have a lot of difficulties, many people with Asperger syndrome manage to achieve things the rest of us struggle with.

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