Act normal and don’t forget the publicity


23 hugeWith “Act Normal, And Don’t Tell Anyone About The Present Machine” gearing up for publication, I’m thinking about publicity.

This book is a lot bigger than any of the previous Act Normal titles (five times the length), and, I think, it needs a bigger publicity push.  So how to do that?

Well, I’m going to make it available to bookshops as well as through Amazon – which means a whole different approach to printing and distribution.  And to go along with that, I’m considering employing a publicist – somebody who knows their way around the press contacts and the reviewers in the publishing world.

It’s a big step, but hopefully, it will allow the whole Act Normal series to reach a wider audience.

So, if you’ve got experience of how book publicists work, drop me a line.

And if you haven’t, but you’re thinking of using one, stay tuned…  I’ll let you know how it works as soon as I find out!

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