Act Normal

"Act Normal" And take a look at these chapter books for young readers!

“Act Normal”
And take a look at these chapter books for young readers!

Act Normal

At 5000 words, the illustrated “Act Normal” chapter books are just the right length for younger or more reluctant readers, but the stories also have the depth of ideas to challenge more confident readers.
Books in the series cover DNA, global warming, magnetism and why adults spend too much time playing on their mobile phones… And the books’ strong female and male lead characters, Jenny and Adam tell enthralling and giggle-inducing stories that are fun, educational and inspiring for girls and boys alike!

Act Normal books regularly make it into top 3 positions in the Kindle chapter book charts, and are available in both printed and ebook editions.

Age guide: 5-8
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2 thoughts on “Act Normal

  1. Dear Christian,

    My son, Oliver, was very inspired when you came to visit him at school on Monday – The Hayes, Kenley. He started to write a book. He is 7!
    He wrote his first chapter and then explained to me how you had said it should be sent off to see if anyone likes it enough to write more.
    I can imagine how busy you are, but would you be so kind as to read his first chapter and maybe comment to him on it?
    I was so impressed, how he just wanted to write and thank you for this.

    Kind regards
    Sarah Norman


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