The Skull

The Skull by Christian Darkin

Dinosaurs, smugglers and spaceships. who could ask for more?

The Skull – published by Bloomsbury

It seemed as though a dragon, for it could be nothing else, had reared out of the ground in the night . . . and then been turned to stone by the first rays of the dawn sun.

Starting with the living beast, the Megalosaurus herself, over 144 million years ago, The Skull follows the Marchant family from generation to generation, exploring key moments in history shaped by radical philosophical and scientific change.

Whether feeding in a frenzy, seen as evidence of the devil, kept as a token of scientific heritage or used an easy way to make a quick buck, the Megalosaurus skull continues to change lives over millennia, long after her untimely demise.

In this superb fictional tale, scientific and historical fact is blended with drama, intrigue, and life-changing scientific discoveries that not only affect the Marchants, but science, philosophy and civilisation as we know it.

Age guide: 9 – adult
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