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A free detective thriller to read on your phone, e-reader or tablet.  Just download and read.

Unravel a new kind of mystery – where even the detective is shrouded in darkness.

Steven is one of the few kids in Becky’s South London school who is more unpopular than she is, but that doesn’t make them friends. In fact, he’s a pretentious, moody idiot who spends his time drawing sci-fi pictures and talking as though he’s a Victorian gentleman. He hasn’t got a clue about real life – especially HER real life which consists mainly of trying to avoid being sucked into the lifestyle of the gangs terrorizing her estate.

Out of the blue, she receives an email from him saying he’s frightened and needs her help. He wants to meet her in the local park by an iron sculpture, but when she arrives, Steven is not there, and the sculpture is missing.

Enter, the Logician, a mysterious detective who communicates and investigates entirely through online postings, web searches and Twitter feeds….

Age guide: 11 – adult
Download from:
Smashwords (free download – works with most e-readers and apps)
 – or Amazon (they’re currently charging £1.29 but I’m trying to get it listed for free)

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